October 5, 2012

Timing in a pretended life

Timing in a pretended life
Not for the chance to touch the sky
Neither a way for social life
It’s just the choice for what I fight

Not that it’s wrong to get better
Or to try hard and be the best
Fact is nothing really does matter
If you have no one to tell

This is why life comes with the chance
Of new success against yourself
That you be strong, willing, able
To still command the life you live

In that, my friend, you have answers
For the life that you chose to live
The joys and pains that fill your days
And all the love you give your friends

– Lewis

October 5, 2012

Wind that blows across my face

Oh, wind that blows across my face

Ensure I learn from someone else

The pain I could gather myself

And to retain my will to play

Let me continue living life

Reaching around for what to find

In the great game that in the end

We play to win, using our strength

There are some times when I feel wrong

When nothing adds up to the goal

Times when I fight on still alone

Reaching to help someone get home

And there are times I wish a smile

Came to my place without request

Times when a hand would lift my heart

When it would feel good to be home

– Lewis

September 2, 2012

Life and light

How is a light
So full of life
If time is right
For it’s demise

How is a friend
Willing to change
It makes no sense
When there’s no strain

I have now seen
The silent dream
That marks the way
For those who sail

Across this life
Without a guide
And now must say
That it’s not right

In love and life
There is no way
To get good pay
With only faith

We all must work
Ignore the slights
Just do what’s right
And hold our smile

— Lewis

August 11, 2012

You could have been the one to see

You could have been the one to see
the ghost I chase all through my dreams
the wish to turn my hopes and dreams
into the strength that feeds my will

you are the one who made me see
that there are dreams we all can reach
even while blind and in the sea
long as the heart carries a beat

can others see the way I fight
how I push hard to help mankind
is there someone who understands
that my whole life is on the line

most will not see what I have done
or the bullets that I have dodged
they’ll only see that I stand still
and judge my heart as made of steel

– Lewis

July 6, 2012

I Could Try To Save The World

I Could Try To Save The World
Created: 12/13/2010 1:00:00 AM

I could try to save the world
With you to help along
But what fun is to face danger
Without friends to watch the show

That is why I fight my fights
In the way that all can see
So whether I win or loose
They all get to have some fun

Is it something that I should do
Or something I must hide from
Who cares, really, if the purpose
Is that we all get along

So I fight and get all dirty
And we talk about the score
Don’t you worry, just enjoy it
And forget how hard it was

— Lewis

July 6, 2012

I Feel Ashamed For Having Fallen

I Feel Ashamed For Having Fallen
Created: 2/2/2011 12:06:00 PM

I feel ashamed for having fallen
So in love with her visage
For not having kept control
Of my heart and all my thoughts

I just went into the thin air
Walked clear out beyond the road
An’ no matter how hard I held it
My heart slipped into the hole

I cannot build a new future
Without her along to help
And I can’t live in the present
With her smile so far away

So I have to find a way
Live my own without her life
Lock my heart in a steel cage
And wheel it over the edge

Still, I do have my wits and skill
Plus my abilities to help
So if I can gather my mind
I can help others of my kind

And who knows if further ahead
I will find her bright smile again
Sure, I hope, the way how I know
That the sun is made of white bread

Lord, I hurt, and it’s no fun
Not the pain but the having lost
I can’t even fight the barriers
And agreements that make the wall

Still in everything I say
What I write and in all my work
There is love burning eternal
For the one whom I cannot touch

– Lewis


July 6, 2012

Honesty In Man Is Precious

Honesty In Man Is Precious
Created: 12/15/2010 8:55:00 AM

Honesty in man is precious
For it shows the worth he lends
The power of his convictions
And the way he really helps

But there are some who on purpose
Reach and crush another’s dreams
Living for the pain of another
Making life hell all around

Those are the keys to my purpose
Not to waste but lock them up
Give them years to learn the sadness
That their actions brought mankind

And so when you see the children
Playing in the open field
Smile for them, because right under
Are the men who hurt their dreams

— Lewis

October 11, 2011

When Drums Hammer In The Distance

When Drums Hammer In The Distance
Created: 10/20/2010 7:56:00 AM

When drums hammer in the distance
Bringing happiness to man
There are still those who can’t hear them
In the darkness of their life

Those are people who should listen
The kind that should know themselves
But who have no way to discern
What is happening to them

Oh, but you stand to be ready
When someone calls out your name
Yes, but are you really ready
To help someone in distress?

Only you would know the answer
Of the question I place here
Open your eyes and be wary
Of what happens everywhere

— Lewis

October 11, 2011

Ride The Wave

Ride The Wave
Created: 10/14/2010 7:03:00 AM

Ride the wave, ride it my friend
Ride it all through to the end
Do not worry for the crashing
As it is part of the game

You can say that nothing matters
Or that it is all the same
The truth is that life and living
Come with bumps and scars on them

Release your freedom for action
And enjoy the way to be
Keep forging along the passion
That makes your life worth to live

And for balance reach to others
Help them see that life is fun
And that they do have a purpose
In living the way they choose

— Lewis

October 11, 2011

You Can See Flowers Are Pretty

You Can See Flowers Are Pretty
Created: 2/12/2011 8:52:00 AM

You can see flowers are pretty
Just like snow is white and loose
But in life, things are not easy
It takes work to understand

And none knows how hard it can be
Better than someone in love
Who is cutting through the forest
Just to see someone he likes

The same goes about a friendship
How one strives to understand
The viewpoint of those around him
And the goals that each one seeks

Not to change or to alter them
But to see how he can help
So they move forth in their progress
And together reach the stars

— Lewis