I Feel Ashamed For Having Fallen

I Feel Ashamed For Having Fallen
Created: 2/2/2011 12:06:00 PM

I feel ashamed for having fallen
So in love with her visage
For not having kept control
Of my heart and all my thoughts

I just went into the thin air
Walked clear out beyond the road
An’ no matter how hard I held it
My heart slipped into the hole

I cannot build a new future
Without her along to help
And I can’t live in the present
With her smile so far away

So I have to find a way
Live my own without her life
Lock my heart in a steel cage
And wheel it over the edge

Still, I do have my wits and skill
Plus my abilities to help
So if I can gather my mind
I can help others of my kind

And who knows if further ahead
I will find her bright smile again
Sure, I hope, the way how I know
That the sun is made of white bread

Lord, I hurt, and it’s no fun
Not the pain but the having lost
I can’t even fight the barriers
And agreements that make the wall

Still in everything I say
What I write and in all my work
There is love burning eternal
For the one whom I cannot touch

– Lewis



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