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October 5, 2012

Timing in a pretended life

Timing in a pretended life
Not for the chance to touch the sky
Neither a way for social life
It’s just the choice for what I fight

Not that it’s wrong to get better
Or to try hard and be the best
Fact is nothing really does matter
If you have no one to tell

This is why life comes with the chance
Of new success against yourself
That you be strong, willing, able
To still command the life you live

In that, my friend, you have answers
For the life that you chose to live
The joys and pains that fill your days
And all the love you give your friends

– Lewis

October 5, 2012

Wind that blows across my face

Oh, wind that blows across my face

Ensure I learn from someone else

The pain I could gather myself

And to retain my will to play

Let me continue living life

Reaching around for what to find

In the great game that in the end

We play to win, using our strength

There are some times when I feel wrong

When nothing adds up to the goal

Times when I fight on still alone

Reaching to help someone get home

And there are times I wish a smile

Came to my place without request

Times when a hand would lift my heart

When it would feel good to be home

– Lewis