Wind that blows across my face

Oh, wind that blows across my face

Ensure I learn from someone else

The pain I could gather myself

And to retain my will to play

Let me continue living life

Reaching around for what to find

In the great game that in the end

We play to win, using our strength

There are some times when I feel wrong

When nothing adds up to the goal

Times when I fight on still alone

Reaching to help someone get home

And there are times I wish a smile

Came to my place without request

Times when a hand would lift my heart

When it would feel good to be home

– Lewis


2 Comments to “Wind that blows across my face”

  1. A self appointed helper to help someone be
    A helper also need someone to go to plea
    A helper gives so much of him to others, see
    A helper also need friendly care occasionally

  2. This is beautiful

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