October 8, 2011

In The Way I Write My Songs

In The Way I Write My Songs
Created: 12/7/2010 2:55:00 AM

In the way I write my songs
I don’t listen to what’s wrong
I just write to give a message
And to hell what others thought

I have been the one who censors
And the one who let things go
But right now, I’m just a writer
With a message for my folks

If you want to mess with someone
Pick a fight with one who’s lost
For with me your chance don’t matter
I will grind you to the floor

And for others, go and fight them
But make sure you do no wrong
For my wrath is like a castle
Crashing down upon your horse

— Lewis

October 8, 2011

Counting Moments Through The Distance

Counting Moments Through The Distance
Created: 11/24/2010 12:31:00 AM

Counting moments through the distance
Is like measuring a thought
Nothing grabbed and without markings
Only something made of hopes

But that is the simple outcome
What man finds to be the truth
Not the thought but the reaction
Of others to his impulse

I can tell you many things
The results of many men
But nothing will set the basis
For what you can do yourself

It is you who shines the light
The force that propels the wind
And the beauty that’s around you
Only shows because you do

— Lewis

October 8, 2011

If You Were To See The Forest

If You Were To See The Forest
Created: 11/17/2010 12:34:00 AM

If you were to see the forest
And not stare at all the trees
You will see that their survival
Is tied up to what you feel

As for chances, you have many
But only to what you mean
In action and in survival
And the choice of what you dream

Is it houses, cars, or people
Is it places, boats or games
You are but the single master
In the game that you now play

And for those times when the silence
Hurts your mind and makes you cry
Know that there is a tomorrow
And that you will win that too

— Lewis

October 8, 2011

If A Man Begins To Dream

If A Man Begins To Dream
Created: 11/21/2010 12:23:00 AM

If a man begins to dream
At the twilight of his life
Do you see him as enlightened
Or someone who missed his time

It is not what you can tell him
Or what he can do himself
The key is in what his purpose
And his goals bring up for men

So remember when you meet him
When you see him walking off
He’s not lost, he’s not a quitter
He’s just tired of pushing on

So help him get somewhere
Give him tools to reach his dreams
And if trouble comes up calling
Help him win the game of life

— Lewis

October 8, 2011

If You Were To Look At Love

If You Were To Look At Love
Created: 11/7/2010 10:56:00 AM

If you were to look at love
And the pressures it brings life
You would find that there is beauty
In the worst times of your life

You would see that there are friendships
And other people who love you
That your loneliness is something
Which will leave soon if you don’t care

Others try to make it harder
Bringing pain and hateful thoughts
But no matter how they push you
It is you who walks or falls

Now remember when you look out
When you meet with all your friends
That it is you who brings pleasure
To their life, their hopes and times

— Lewis

October 8, 2011

You Can Count On All My Efforts

You Can Count On All My Efforts
Created: 2/23/2011 1:38:00 AM

You can count on all my efforts
To reach out and help your task
That is what I call my purpose
Help my friends all reach the stars

True, that I sometimes am stupid
And have been known to be gassed
But remember that tenacious
Is the one who keeps the fight

And that is what I have done
Keep pushing to help you out
Making sure that in your battles
You’re not lonely standing out

Putting pressure on the barriers
That keep you from reaching out
To the ones you call your loved ones
And the goals you have set forth

— Lewis

October 4, 2011

If You Were To Chase A Rainbow

If You Were To Chase A Rainbow
Created: 3/14/2011 12:05:00 AM

If you were to chase a rainbow
Through the darkness of the night
What would you tell all your fellows?
That you seek a pot of gold?

They may think that you are crazy
That at last you lost your mind
But what if you met the sunrise
On a pile of gold doubloons?

THAT would get them to wake up
To start thinking you’re not wrong
Maybe smile when looking at you
For they’d know you have the truth

In the end, it is your rainbow
And the goal is up to you
Take off running, walk or crawling
Just enjoy life on the loose

— Lewis

October 4, 2011

By The Time You Read These Lines (1)

By The Time You Read These Lines (1)
Created: 4/28/2011 12:06:00 AM

By the time you read these lines
I will be farther away
Life will have altered my ways
But my purpose stays the same

I have reasons to work hard
To get things done on my own
Helping others reach their target
And building a whole new world

You can listen to the words
Of those who want me to fall
The same who are causing trouble
To the ones who do the work

Now comes truth, and your opinion
Of whether I’m right or wrong
And the one thing I can tell you
Is to see what I have done

— Lewis

October 4, 2011

You Were Putting On Your Makeup

You Were Putting On Your Makeup
Created: 5/1/2011 12:00:00 PM

You were putting on your makeup
And thinking of what to say
While I sat and with some wonder
Saw the changes in your style

Not something a guy would notice
We’re supposed to not see well
But the truth is that in living
Choices, learning, all is well

You see, there are many facets
That in life we all can learn
But then people say “forget them”
All to be fair to the game

Why be fair, if I can win it?
What if I can build your strength?
So no matter what the problem,
You solve it and win the game?

— Lewis

October 4, 2011

Walking Down The Halls Of Fire

Walking Down The Halls Of Fire
Created: 4/7/2011 8:46:00 AM

Walking down the halls of fire
My steps echo through the wall
Raising hell amongst the warriors
Who know it is time to fight

You could stop me if you wanted
All it would take is a smile
But instead you chose to push me
To the other side of hell

Now those who would harm the kingdom
Will learn how it feels to be
The target of those emotions
You rejected with disdain

What for you could have been flowers
Became steel rending their flesh
Gifts that would have brought you pleasure
Became death amongst their friends

Oh, you don’t have to feel sorry
Life is simple for my men
Years of pain upon their cities
Were unleashed against my pain

So now that you know the story
It will make sense that your friends
Chose to never say my full name
Lest you find where I had been

Of course now I write this message
With five planets in defeat
Our flag bright upon their towers
And their treasure with our king

While the battles which I fought
Will forever live in shame
I flew ships, fought guns and sables
And still lived to get their king

Then with him chained to the bridge
I sent my ship back to base
Then went back into the battle
Hoping to clear out my head

Many men, quite a few thousand
Quit the fight or bled to death
In the time that it took my tears
To clean the pain off my blade

Yes, I loved you with the passion
That unleashed the hounds of hell
My arms men the only witness
Of the pain killing my head

Those were times when food was something
I could not face without pain
Times when death was my sole purpose
The one wish that I had left

But I could never surrender
I would battle to the death
Nineteen crews dead, gone, promoted
They all fought to keep me sane

And they did, I have survived it
Now your future will be safe
None will dare to approach your planet
With intent to hurt your friends

Not because they will be sorry
But they heard about the pain
That one born amongst its gardens
Brought a star system to death

One more thing, there is a garden
In each one of those planets
Where I planted every flower
After never finding death

— Lewis